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Beautifully restored, this French Château Fortress provides a luxurious and exceptional level of 21st Century comfort, it is without doubt one of France’s most perfectly preserved historical monuments.

The Château sits on a very old site dating back to the 12th Century, it suffered enormously during the 100 years war (1337-1453) and was rebuilt multiple times. Most of its current structure was built in the 16th century, between 1533 and 1558 by Gabriel 1st Foucould, whose coat-of-arms and those of his wife Francoise de Villelume, are carved into the keystones of the staircase hall on the ground floor. For over six centuries the Château Fortress defended the Foucauld family seat – a Protestant, noble Clan, Companions-at-Arms with Jean D’Arc. In October 1605 King Henry IV stayed at the Château, in the room now known as “The Kings” Suite. King Henry IV had a great friendship to the Foucauld family.

Surrounded by its own water system that certainly predates the Château’s construction is actually thought to date back to Roman times. These same strong water sources feeds three lakes and finally cascade into a fish-stocked moat surrounding and protecting the Château. The lovely moat is one of the most alluring features of the fortress.

On entering the stone Gatehouse, the drive winds its way through a glade of lovely exotic trees and shrubs. There, with its shimmering slate roof glistening in the late afternoon sun, one sees for the first time the stately home of one of the many powerful, warrior families of medieval France. Worn from centuries of conflict, a bridge across the moat and a remotely operated wooden drawbridge permits limited access to the inner keep of the Château, with total seclusion ensured at the touch of a button.

During the recent restoration, no rebuilding took place, simply a full restoration of the remaining 16th and 19th Century buildings Рwhere before, there were a number of tiny dark rooms, now there is a more open floor plan with a small number of spacious and comfortable living areas, here, modernity co-exists with architectural elements that have evolved over five centuries, providing all the creature comforts one would expect: luxurious bedroom suites and apartments incorporate exquisite Carrera marble bathrooms built by Italian craftsmen, and the finest Philippe Starck sanitary ware. Polished oak floors conceal state-of-the-art plumbing and electrical. There can be few historic Ch̢teaux more habitable, then this beautiful home in all of France.

The Château is of course elegantly furnished with carefully selected, quality pieces offered for sale. Outstanding works of art adorn the walls and the sun gleaming through the mullioned windows, casts a milky light upon 2 metre thick window recesses, that retain their original 17th Century hand painted decoration of animals and birds living on the estate.

Offering over 1,500 m2 of luxury living space, accommodation is set over three floors. Worn flagstone floors and a vaulted ceiling in warm brick tones lead into the grand salon, a warm relaxing room with polished oak floors and large granite fireplace. A rear salon leads into a secluded library in the tower. Doors to private ground floor guest apartments, access to dungeons and door in the tower leads to the first floor. Beautifully fitted kitchen with Carrara marble worktops, leads to an elegant dining room with large fireplace and an exquisite Murano glass chandelier. A further tower is home to the study and stairs down to an ancient chapel. The grand, polished granite staircase with its fully restored gothic ceiling, has a bespoke fitted carpet, continuing the feel of sumptuous comfort.

Real estate sales price is available upon request included with an offer to buy this luxurious property.

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  1. I would very much like to know about the extension of the grounds that surrounds the château. I also am interested in a number as its selling price. I shall thank you very much for your prompt response.
    Yours, Guido.

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